USB Audio and Video for iPod/iPhone etc.

Enjoy digital audio/video from your iPod, iPhone or USB devices with High-Speed transfer (USB2.0). Compatibility with USB High-Speed transmission (480Mbps) allows smoother iPod/iPhone operation and charging.

Amazing Jacket Picture Display

KW-NT3HDT can display the album artwork large and fully detailed. Tag data can be read and scrolled.

Beautiful Jacket Picture

External Mode for iPod/iPhone

You can listen to the sound of iPod/iPhone apps, such as games, web radio, and YouTube, with high current ready power supply.

iPod External Mode

2 way control for iPod/iPhone

The 2-way control for iPod/iPhone lets you easily operate on your iPod/iPhone or the headunit. Pressing the iPod key once will switch between iPod mode and headunit mode. Basic functions can be controlled on the headunit even during iPod/iPhone mode. The song information is shown on the display for both modes.
*Compatibility with 2-way control for iPod/iPhone differs by model. Please visit here for details.
*KS-U29 required for iPod/iPhone video playback.

2 way control for iPod/iPhone

TAG Display Language

Multiple languages can be displayed, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Greek, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, as well as Korean.

Map Coverage

Front USB & AUX

The front panel USB and AUX Input provide flexible audio playback options.

Front USB & AUX

iPod Alphabet Search

You can search through song names alphabetically which makes it easier to work through the vast amount of songs in the iPod/iPhone.

iPod Alphabet Search