Why JVC Navi?

High Performance, Easy to Use, Built-in Bluetooth, Detachable.

Fast Response & High Accuracy with Useful Information

With high-quality memory and original compression technology, the KW-NT3HDT is highly responsive. All operations (such as system boot up) are very smooth and stress free. The speed is amazing! Traffic information transmits over the HD Radio network, so its frequency of update and speed of receiving is very quick. Best of all, this service is free ? a lifetime subscription is included!


Fast Response Navigation

Highly reliable Windows Automotive OS and 400MHz CPU provide quick and stable operation, with system start up in less than 15 seconds, and map scroll in less than a second.

Map Coverage

Highly Accurate GPS Navigation by 3 Sensors

KW-NT3HDT operate location informaion as high accuracy so the navigation has 3 sensors -- GPS, Gyro and Speed Pulse. So it can find location information without even in tunnels or parking garages where GPS data can not be delivered.
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Multiple Destination Search

High Speed Data Service

HD Total Traffic Network + service provides speedy delivery of a wealth of information. Lifetime license is included so this information comes free of charge.
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