Standard Navigation Features

The KW-NT3HDT includes highly useful Navigation features such as: Traffic, Destination search, Route simulation, Route guidance, voice guidance, text-to-speech, zoom, manual scroll, magnified view, many POIs and so on. This unit can search by multiple methods - shown by pushing "MENU" while display is map mode.

Map Coverage & Over 6 Million POIs

KW-NT3HDT uses NAVTEQ's map data that is evaluated as highly reliable data by Car manufacturers. Also used are POIs of infoUSA in the pre-installed database of 6 million entries.


Coverage :
US (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada and Puerto Rico.

North America Map Coverage

Text-to-Speech & Voice Guidance

KW-NT3HDT offers easy to follow route guidance, with Text-to-Speech announcements of street names etc, in English, Spanish, and French. Voice Guidance is also available.

Text-to-Speech Language

Voice Guidance Output Customization

Adjust output channel, volume and Music Mix.
Output Channel :
Front Left + Right, Front Left, Front Right
Volume : 0 - 20 level
Music Mix : Muting, Att., Normal

Voice Guidance Setting GUI

Speed Alert

In case there are speed limits on road, the warning for speed is displayed when you drive in over that speed. The settings of Speed Alerts are: Off, 3mph, 6mph, 10mph, 15mph or 20mph over the posted speed limit.

POI Alert

A sound rings out when you close to a POI that you've set. Setting display is easy to use -- you can set POI alerts by checking each category that you would like to alerted to.

POI Alert Setting GUI

Route Simulation

You can simulate the route wherever you want. Try it out and see how fast the KW-NT3HDT calculates and navigates!.

Route Simulation GUI