Easy-to-See Information

Enjoy comfortable driving and high quality with the KW-NT3HDT.

Magnified View

When you approach an intersection, freeway on/off ramps, etc, the KW-NT3HDT displays magnified view on the left side of the split screen. In this display, map indications are scaled up and the direction of the next turn is shown, so you can see them easily and prepare accordingly.

Magnified View

Audio Control in Map View

Users can operate audio functions while the KW-NT3HDT is in map display mode. Being able to change simple audio commands from the map screen makes it easy to continue navigating without changing back and forth from your audio display every time.

Hybrid Mode

Lane Guide & Speed Limit

Displays lane information when approaching a junction. Shows the legal speed limit for the road.

Lane Guide & Speed Limit Display

Brand POIs

Displays easy to distinguish brand icons on the map.

Map Coverage

Map View

Choose the map view from 2D North Up, 2D Heading Up or 3D Heading Up.
2D North Up 2D Heading Up 3D Heading Up

Simulated Map View

Selectable Color of Map & Route

Choose the map and route colors from Day 3 Day Patterns and 3 Night Patterns.

Simulated Map Color
Select Day or Night
Day Night
Select Map Color
Map Color : Normal Map Color : Soft Map Color : Vivid
Select Route Color
Route Color : Green Route Color : Purple Route Color : Blue

3 Selectable Vehicle Point Icon

You can change the vehicle icon from these three types. Click on the icons to see them on the map.
VP Icon : Arrow VP Icon : Car VP Icon : Fighter Jet